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My name is Sherin and we are a small family owned and Operated Business.

Our story started out as we were finding it difficult to attain dresses for cultural events and the clothes we bought were of sub-par quality and the shipping charges were exorbitant making it a luxury to attain the dresses and clothes for cultural events.

This started us thinking and making contact with a couple of friends already in the dressmaking industry for more than 20+ years willing to supply to us, provided we were able to attain shipping quotas, this marked the birth of Indian Chiffon.

We strive in acquiring for you the most beautiful and the best quality of clothes and accessories your hard earned money can attain for a fraction of the cost. The reason behind this is our overheads are next to minimal and we order quantity to a certain extent.

We have an exquisite array of dressmakers that can cater to the most intrinsic of demands. we also cater to cultural and religious functions that are in requirement of matching colour combo for the whole family. Our clothes entail exquisite and detailed handiwork and materials used are above export quality.We also carry an exquisite range of economic daily wear attire as well and like all things in life you get what you pay for.

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